Will the Thermalright Archon heatsink fit the Silverstone RV02 case?

Hello guys,
I have a Silverstone RV02 case, with ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Mobo and G.Skill RipJaws RAM.
I'm looking for a good heatsink for overclocking, and I liked the Thermalright Archon a lot.
The problem is the Archon specs show it as being 170.2mm high, while the RV02 manual shows it is compatible with coolers up to 169mm high. So I would like to ask if any of you have actually fit a Archon cooler in the RV02 case. I suppose that 1mm would not actually be a problem and will fit without hiting anything or stoping the side cover from closing.
Opinions anybody? is there any problem if the top of the heatsink actually is a little pressed against the side cover?
If it is not recommended to use that heatsink, I'm thinking about getting the Thermalright Silver Arrow. Any suggestions better than that? I don't want any water cooling, and by the reviews I've seen the Archon and Silver Arrow are always top performing coolers and with low noise. Another option would be the Noctua NH-D14.
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    It fits. I'm using almost the same setup(except with a Gigabyte z68-ud4 board instead). There's about 2-3mm clearance from the window. Silverstone's specs are either little conservative and/or they're using the specs from the non-windowed version of the case, which I don't think they ever produced(at least not in NA).
  2. Seems like it really fits. Thanks a lot logan the huge for the reply.
    Also confirmed in a couple of posts from the Archon club in

    I also got in touch with a representative from Silverstone technical support, who confirmed that has seen people fitting the Archon in the RV02, and with the window it has a little more room.
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