Help: RealTek HD: no playback for line in ?


I have an ACER Aspire 4920G Lab top with XP SP3 and Realtek AC 97 drivers installed.
Everything works fine except I can't get any playback on the speakers from the line in (or mic) entry.
It is strange because the recording works fine with both.

I tried to use windows Volume Control, but the audio output "Line In" does not show. (it does on other computers)
Using Volume Control -> Options -> Properties, I can choose to show:
- Master Volume
- Wave
- SW Synth
- CD Player
- PC Beep
but nothing for line in...
Same using the realtek software.

Any solution ?

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  1. Found a solution: VLC and the "Open Capture Device" feature.
    That will do for the time being.
  2. I know on some setups, the only way to play back the "line in" and "microphone" streams is to do the following (this is for Vista, but should be the same for XP)

    Open Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording
    Right click on "Line in" (or "Microphone) -> Properties
    Under the Custom tag, make sure "monitering" is enabled. This plays back whatever stream comes through to you're default output device.
  3. In XP, there is
    Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio
    Under the Sound Recording device selection, there are 2 buttons:
    - Volume...
    - Advanced...

    The problem is that with Realtek Audio Manager, the button "Advanced..." is frozen... (label in light gray, impossible to click) :heink:

    And I just realised that the VLC playback is 2 seconds late, which pretty much spoils the whole thing.

    Anyway, thanks for trying.

    ps: I forgot to mention that this option is also not available in the Realtek Audio Manager (which seems to be just a clumsy copy of windows interface with "dolby surround" written on every form)
  4. how do u do it for vista
  5. i mean to say i cant found Custom tag are it just i dont know what it is
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