Lights on, Fans on, No Noise, No Boot!

Okay, so i just completed building my computer yesterday, and it was working great. Today i received my aftermarket CPU cooler.

The build:
i7 920
asus p6t deluxe v2
902 antec case
OCZ 6GB ram
4870 vapor x 1gb
prolimatech megahelems
corsair 850HX psu
WD 1TB black

Right now, I'm sharing all inputs/outputs monitor, mouse, keyboard - including the power strip on the computer i am using to make this post.

Anyways, I lapped my CPU and the cooler. I had to remove my motherboard to install the backplate. I have triple checked everything, and everything has been plugged back in.

The problem:

Right now when i turn on my computer, all the LED lights and all the fans turn on. But my computer fails to boot: the monitor doesn't turn on, nor does my mouse's red lazer light turn on.

I can use both the power button the case and on the mobo to turn on the computer.

I removed the CPU cooler, just in case if the thermal paste had overflowed - it was fine.

I haven't had a chance to play with the BIOS or overclock, so the computer is running on stock settings.

There is no beeping coming from the system.

I believe that its not a matter of the power, but because none of the output device's work... I think its the mobo. What exactly? i'm not sure

I'm afraid of the worst... any feedback would be really appreciated!!!

oh, I live in california bay area, and my room gets a little warm (2nd story). I don't think this would be an issue, but I don't want to rule out the possiblity.
I've never had an electrical build up in my house to give shocks and i would notice if i did have an electrical shock.
But I honestly am clueless of why my computer won't start. I'm pretty certain its the motherboard.
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  1. Did you read and apply the checklist stickied at the top of the forum? That's there to cover all the main points.
  2. Yes I have, I even checked another similiar thread where another guy was having a similiar issue and he was recommended to start is own post.
    So I have already put my computer together and it ran fine since wendesday (36 hours ago), I had to only install a new CPU cooler, so I had to pull out the MOBO.
    I have double and triple checked to make sure everything is plugged in properly, but i'm not getting any power to my USB plugin's and my monitor is in it's idle/power saving state.

    The problem is not in the device's nor is it a PSU issue.

    Everything on the list was fine, but these were the few questions that were questionable...

    6. Yes- I've tried no sticks of RAM it was silent. I do not think the ASUS p6t deluxe has any on board ram...
    13. No, but I grounded myself by touching my metal case and my bookshelf
    14. I'm not getting any noises with the sound system plugged in (front of case, because even with the computer working I was having issues hearing anything having my 2.1 system in the back.
    I do not have the 4-pin warning speaker so one is not installed into the System Panel Connector (12-pin next to the Power/Reset button on the ASUS P6T)

    If there was any ESD, could i sent the board back? what are my alternatives?
  3. Try one stick of ram, one by one, maybe some are deffective in the set. Just had this problem with OCZ Reaper ram...
  4. No luck =(
    I feel like I may have accidently ESD'd the mobo since my computer was running fine. I noticed that I was much more comfortable handling the parts than when I first installed it.

    Would ASUS RMA this product? Also I ordered from Amazon so they got my back too.
  5. They should =)
    Just tell them to give you RMA right away since you know the problem is on your side.
  6. Is there anything that I should not tell ASUS?

    And what tests do they go through to check the board for RMA?

    In the mean time I'll post pictures up of my build. its beautiful =] i'll tidy it up once i get a new board.
  7. That you've lapped your CPU ;)

    About the tests, I have no clue, they have tester machines that do the job for them.
    Looking forward to pics :D
  8. It could just as easily be your CPU, as you say you lapped it. Did you get any foreign material on the contacts? Did you leave any particles in the socket?
  9. I used the original black cover and cut the tabs on the side cause they kept getting scuffed. I taped the chip carefully on what was left of the black case. To be honest, i left the mobo contact area open for about 20-30 minutes until i realized i didn't put the cap on. I gave it a quick blow to get rid of any dust.

    If there are any particles in the contacts what should i do, I don't have a high pressure air canister around. Any other suggestions?
    Also, it would take at least 30-40 minutes to remove the heat sink then to put it all back on...
    i'll do it in about an hour and let you know

    EDIT: So i just looked, it looks as clean as i first got it all i see is gold. and everything is in place.
    my build pictures:
  10. You really, really need a system speaker - especially now since the system won't boot.
  11. I have a speaker system that works, for whatever reason the 6 input audio set up that is connected to the back panel doesn't work.
    Before installing the new CPU cooler i used the front input which worked fine when the system was working. Now none of the input/outputs work.

    Because its a 7.1 surround sound built in on the board. I have 2.1 system with the satilites hooked up to the woofer. The satilite's have a 2 plug input each.

    I'm thinking of just RMAing, unless there is a way to revive my mobo.
  12. The system speaker is different from your sound card/chip. One does not work in place of the other.

    The only purpose of the system speaker is to play beep codes for the MB. Your onboard sound chip and speakers won't do that. Your board should have a header for the sytem speaker, hence my link.
  13. I remember when boards had those system speakers stock.
    I might check out my local Fry's and see if they have a system speaker there. But I'm thinking that if the issue lies within the board, I should just RMA the board now. Also I want to use my new computer asap! I'm so tired of using this mac mini which is running at 100% CPU when doing any task. Using firefox idles around 30-60%. Where it is a struggle to get the 920 processor past 20% CPU! so sexy =]

    So i went to Fry's and they didn't have it. Luckily I found a system speaker in one of my older computers.
    Its bigger than what is normally marketed now, but I haven't gotten any beeps including when there is no RAM. and i've plugged it both ways.

  14. Has to be the board or CPU then. Did you get the board at newegg?
  15. Yes I did. So i'm debating whether to deal with Asus or Newegg.
    Who would be more inclined to replace it without question. I don't want to wait 3 weeks and for them to tell me that they won't replace it.

    Also could damage have been done to the CPU? I didn't set it on electro static plastic or anything. I just taped the processor to ensure the pins would not be damaged in the back.
  16. I'd go with newegg, and as long as we have no pictures of your CPU, we can't tell much, even then you could have damaged it or something... do you still have your original cooler? Have you tried with it?
  17. I do not think changing the cooler would do anything at all.

    I used the original black cover and cut the tabs off. Then taped it all around so it was securely on the chip and made sure that the tape was on the nickel so the fine particles would not get inside. Although I applied a generous amount of water on the paper - enough so that the chip was slightly adhesive to the paper.
    Literally, the CPU looks exactly the same but instead of a regular top its for the most part copper. I used 800 paper then 1200 then 2000 and finally 10 minute finish with the 2500. =]

    I guess if I'm getting a RMA i'll do a better job. After removing the HS 60% is making completely direct contact. =) must improve to at least 90%!
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