Help! 4890 crossfire overheating!

Hi, I just made a new i7 build and my crossfire 4890's are getting super hot. :??: On idle I saw one at 79 C and the other at 70 C. I have a lain li p50, and it's only today I noticed these super high temps! Usually when I game they only get to about 69 C on stock. Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation besides having to water cool. i have an Asus Rampage 2 motherboard so the two cards are really sandwiched together. My case is an enclosed space if that helps, though I figured that wouldn't be much of a problem. Right now I have both their fans at 100% but it makes more noise than my Dyson. Any help would be appreciated! :love:
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  1. What 4890s do you use? Reference designed? Link please.
  2. What do you mean by "my case is an enclosed space"? Those cards need lots of airflow to stay cool. If you run them with the side of the case off and you see much lower temperatures, then it's an airflow problem. But as long as they're less than 100C at load, you don't have much to worry about.
  3. 4890s fans are set too low on idle.

    im betting when you use those cards, they dont overheat. they just sound like a vacuum.
  4. I am using HIS reference cards and the case is in a a fairly large but narrow cabinet in my desk built for a computer. I'll see if I can post some pics to give you an idea. Games work perfectly but if i leave the computer on for more than 4 hours the cards seem to get really hot even when I am just on the desktop. Thx for all the help so far!
  5. Means your case isn't getting adequate airflow. As the heat from the cards isn't getting far enough away from them, you're blowing hot air onto them, cooling becomes less and less effective.

    Your PC either needs bigger/better fans or (more likely) to be moved somewhere it can pull fresh air from.
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