New build; first time RAID/SSD

Sup Toms.

here we go. just bought new comp with tax returns, and amongst it all i was able to afford 2 identical HDD's and a SSD. my question being: Is there a right way and a wrong way to do this? The way i envision it, I plug in SSD, but leave HDD's unplugged, than install windows 7 onto SDD. Afterwards, setup RAID 0 in bios. Like ive read, i only want windows and maybe a game on the SSD (60 Gigs), and errthing else on the HDD array. Alternatively, Should i plug it all in, set up HDD RAID first, and then just select the SSD to install windows onto?
Just in case, sys specs: intel i5 2500, asus mobo with EUFI, (2) Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB each, 60 gig gskill SSD, windows 7 home premium
Sorry if already answered, i looked for a little while, but i am expecting the comp come monday.

Thanks guys!

Also, should i do this: ? kinda seems arbitrary to me, but it kinda confused me, making me think the way i was gonna do it was way off..
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