Any feedback for my water cooling plans?

Alright so I bought my dream case this week; a Dell XPS 730X. I was planning to migrate my desktop to its new case, until I realized I needed a motherboard tray. After finding one in GERMANY, I bought it and probably have about a month to wait until it gets here. This really pushed me towards acquiring all the necessary components for water cooling, as I have always been interested in it but have never really been able to pull the trigger until now. I have been reading a lot of guides so I have a pretty good idea what I want to do.

These are the parts I'm swapping over to my 730X case and 1000W PSU:
-Asus P6T Deluxe V2
-Intel i7 920
-3X Seagate Barricuda 1TB drives
-3x2GB Patriot Viper Tri-Channel 1600Mhz ram
-Asus DVD/RW

I plan to add another 275 GTX in SLi, and potentially another 6GB of ram if I can find matching sticks. Beyond that I want to OC the 920 3.6-4GHz if possible.

As for cooling, I am planning to buy:

Feedback on these choices is much appreciated, if I have chosen any duds or there are cheaper and better alternatives please let me know as I am ALL for saving money. I'm hoping to run separate loops to my CPU and GPU(s).

Also, can anyone suggest a good pump/reservoir combo? I'd like to stay away from the drive bay reservoirs if possible as my case has individual bay doors which will make access to the reservoir difficult.

Finally, can anyone shed some light on tubing and fittings I'll need? Especially in regards to the separate CPU and GPU loop.

Thanks for the comments!
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  1. Can you fix your URLs? Your opening tags should look like this: If you are going to use the equals sign, you are doing a URL to display as specific text and then enclose the URL with a close bracket, include a description, and then a close /url] (I had to keep that open so the page didn't think I was making a URL out of this description.

    To begin- You are going to run a OC CPU and 1 GPU...possibly 2? You are going to need more than a single, X-flow rad (by far) X-flow aren't that great when compared to dual-pass...they are decent, but no one really uses them.

    Why a BIX rad? You realize those are very high FPI rads, correct? You'll need some 2000+ rpm fans. (loud)

    I'm hoping to run separate loops to my CPU and GPU(s).


    Have you read through the WC sticky? (linked in my signature below)
  2. Swiftech makes a Radiator/Pump/Reseirvoir combo:

    for the fans:

    I like Zalman tubes and their flow indicator
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