AMD Phenom II 955 OC temps and question. (pics)

Hey guys, I having some confusion here. Working on my OC and AMD OverDrive reports temps that are through the roof. HWMonior as best as I can ind on the internet is reporting my temps at 54c. (TMPIN1)

My question is, is TMPIN1 my cpu temps? It matches my core temps...

Board is a Gigabyte 990FX UD3. Noctua NH-D14 for cooling.

It looks like the AMD temps are wrong, but I don't really know what is more accurate.

Oh, Bios says my CPU temp is 34c at idle while AMD OverDrive says 45.


Edit: Forgot pic
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  1. Anyone out there that can help?
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    i would go by the core temps. 65C is not through the roof anyway, its acceptable under load.
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  4. Ok, thank you. I thought 65 would be through the roof because according to the specs of the Phenom, it's max is 62.
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