Optiplex 745 : Looking for highest performing card (up to 75 watts)

Hello everyone, my first post,

I have a Dell Optiplex 745 PC. This PC is a small sized case with a 280 watt psu. The current draw under load is around 90 watts.

The spec sheet for the PC is here (mine is the 'Desktop' version):


I have the riser option in the PC which means that it will accept a full-height PC-Expressx16 card but there is a drawback. The CPU heat-sink obstructs full length cards from being placed so I am looking for a full height card that is a maximum of 16cm (6.3 inches) long.

I want the highest performance card within the dimension and watt limits but I can't seem to find a single source of information to do with the physical dimensions of graphics cards and their power requirements.

If you would be so kind, perhaps someone could make a suggestion.


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  1. 4770. theres no competition. tho the card might consume 80 or 90 watts. i cant remember exactly.
  2. The 4770 would be the best choice if it were not for the length limit. I'm limited to a card with a length of 16cm. :(

    Is there a vendor that ships a version of the 4770 with a length less than 16cm? I couldn't find one online but then again I didn't really know how to find an exhaustive list of oems.

  3. Your Dell is in a mini case if I am not mistaken. Therefore, you can only fit a low profile video card in your system.

    The two best performing PCI-e low profile video cards are based on the 9600GT (about 60w - 65w) and the 9800GT (about 80w - 85w).

    Below are links and apparently the full size bracket is install on the cards by default, but you can replace them with the included low-profile bracket:



    Shoot them an e-mail to find out the length.
  4. a 9800 gt is only 80-85 watts?

    thats so weird. my 8800gts is like, 180 watts. (or something) i thought.
  5. The 9800GT is slower than the 8800GTS which consumes roughly 110w - 115w of power.
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