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It has been eight months now since my computer last worked, I’m a lazy bastard, can’t help that. It won’t boot normally, it gets stuck on a black screen with a flashing white hyphen at the left top corner of the screen. I’ve tried many things and none of them have worked, I haven’t tried opening my computer with a screwdriver or anything but for an example the “start your computer and press f8 repeatedly” does not do anything. I cannot get to the screen where I could log in, I cannot get to the advanced options menu. However I can get to the screen where I can boot from a CD or BIOS.

What happened eight months ago? I’ll tell you. I was happily browsing through video’s on Youtube and then suddenly this white thing pops up that is like.. scanning for virus’ or something, it happened really fast but I managed to see the word “troijan” or something like that. And then I get the blue screen of death before even having a chance to do anything! I paniced at that moment and shut off the power from my computer since it was the first time I had encountered with the blue screen of death. And when I tried booting the computer again it jammed on the hyphen.

I’d like you to suggest things I could try, at the moment I cannot find the XP installation CD which probably would help a lot with this issue.. I’m also hoping your suggestions won’t include getting that screwdriver and opening the computer since truly, I know nothing of computers and I believe I would only make things worse. Of course if there are some experts, you could tell me through the process step by step and tell me what items I need in it. I really hope I don’t have to go for that.

I want my computer back, I’m very desperate, don’t have much money on a new CD and would like to spend my christmas holiday playing my games that have been ignored for over half a year :C


I have an Asus computer and I use Windows XP btw :o
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  1. You need to find that XP CD and perform a repair. If that does not help then you will need to reinstall XP.
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