Is Dell studio 435mt sata 1 or sata 2

If I buy a sata 2 hard drive will it run at full speed with my Dell studio 435mt? Are the sata ports sata 1 or sata 2?
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  1. Its a sata II. But with any mechanical drive you won't hit the top of the sataII spec.
    You can get close with an ssd though.
  2. No hard drive ever made even come close to saturating SATA 3Gb/s.... so either interface will allow full performance....

    Serial ATA 2 (SATA-300)[44] 2,400 Mbit/s 300 MB/s

    Serial ATA 3 (SATA-600)[44] 4,800 Mbit/s 600 MB/s
  3. He was asking about sata I and sata II not sata III, Just fyi.
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