Sapphire 4890 2gb

would i be able ro run a Sapphire 4890 2gb stabile on my MSI P35 NEO MOBO and a 750W power supply? 4gb of 800 mhz is my ram and my cpu is a core 2 duo @ 2.33 OC'd to 2.8 ghz.

Since it only costs about 25€ more then the 1gb verision i will probably go for it unless it wont be able to run on my MOBO
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  1. the 2gb verision the 1 gb Verision

    Note: The 2gb verison have a 10% discard in my country making it cost around 220€ instead of 250
  2. hello? does it run stable on my MOBO?
  3. cmon!
  4. Yes, it will work just fine but only install it if you have a 64 bit version of Windows or you'll end up with less than 2Gb of RAM available.
  5. yeah. no problems.

    ANY pci-e card will run in your machine.

    2 gpu will mess you up a bit. will still run, but ull lose some performance because you only have a 1.1 pci-e 16x.
  6. it's not crossfire actually. It's the 2gb verision of hd 4980 :P
  7. oh i know, itll work flawlessly.

    just pointing out your only complication when choosing a videocard. multi gpus. so long as you stick with a single gpu, u will have no problems.
  8. so would a 1gb run smoother on GTA IV wich drains ALOT of memory?
  9. the 2gb card has a tiny advantage in benchmarks on gtaIV. its never a bad thing to have all your textures and whatnot cached in ram.
  10. so you say stick with the 2gb?
  11. do you?
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