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my mom has a dell inspiron 530 q6600 with 6gigs of ram and an on board graphics card. couldnt find out what kind of motherboard but cpuid says its an intel chipset P35/G33/G31. they keep complaining that the computer is slow on pulling up webpages and displaying pictures. would this be due to the computer not having a dedicated graphics card and having the onboard graphics card or is it something else? if getting a graphics card would help, what would be some good suggestions? they mainly just surf the web, use ebay and play these small puzzle games where you find the objects in different rooms.
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  1. Either malware or a slow internet connection would be my first guess, that computer is major overkill for what they are using it for.
  2. How big is your mom's monitor? Like turbo said, the system should be able to handle what you want it to do as is.

    download malwarebytes to make sure you have no crap slowing down your system


    a card like the Nvidia 8400GS or ATI 3450 for $30 will help out on puzzle games and make flash/video pages pop up faster
  3. When was the last time the system was given a cleanout?


    And do not forget to defragment the hard drive afterwards.
  4. 24in widescreen acer. doing the malware right now. its setup to defrag every night as well. they leave it on over night most nights. got a 8400 gs from bestbuy to install as well. havent done the ccleaner though.
  5. you can get a 8400GS from newegg for far less then the rip off price at best buy

  6. got a bfg for 50 bucks. figured that wasnt to expensive. though 29 wouldnt have been bad either.
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