Overclocking - i5 760. Need help

MBoard: MSI P55A-G55
CPU: Intel i5-760 2.8ghz
PSU: CiT 500w

Im looking to OC my cpu to around 3.3ghz using the Control Center software provided by MSI.
It allows me to adjust:

Base Clock: 133mhz
CPU Vcore (V): +0.000 V
CPU VTT (V): 1.097 V

PCH 1.05 (V): 1.050 V
DRAM Voltage (V): 1.500 V

Current CPU temp: 35 C

The CPU cooler Im using at the minute is the one that came with the CPU.

So, what do I need to adjust to reach 3.3ghz and will this be safe given my specs?

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  1. First, make sure that you set your RAM to the specs printed on the sticker (on the side of the RAM) or the manufacturer's packaging. Next, I strongly recommend an aftermarket cooler, but I've read posts of successfull OC's with stock cooler.

    To OC, just keep the multi at 21 (stock, I believe) and raise the Base clock. Raise your base clock to 157 or 158. If your system doesn't crash, download, install, and run Prime95. Run this software on blend mode for about 24 hours, unless either:
    1. your CPU temp exceeds 80°C; or
    2. your system crashes

    If your temp gets too high, reset the system imediately. Then lower the base clock down, in increments of 1, and rerun Prime95. Repeat if temps exceed 80°C, until temps no longer exceed 80°C in Prime95.

    If your system crashes, raise your vcore. Repeat until either:

    1. you've gained stability; or
    2. your next vcore increase will be beyond 1.4V
  2. Hello Gallarian, welcome to Tom's.

    There's a sticky in this forum with some good links, and this is the thread you want full of great info on how to OC this CPU:

    Just a few thoughts of mine... Keep in mind the CPU, QPI, and RAM speeds are all multiplied from the baseclock. QPI isn't so important but CPU and RAM definitely are. If you have 1600mhz RAM, the best base clocks to use are either 160 or 200 using the 10x or 8x RAM multipliers, respectively.

    You can actually overclock AND keep turbo boost if you want, but the limit will depend on your system. I was able to push 177 base clock with turbo on my 750 (1 lower multiplier than you). So, if you were to go for 160 base clock, chances are you could keep turbo enabled. Otherwise, 200 base clock with 18, 19, or even 20x on the CPU (ie: 3.6, 3.8, 4ghz) is a nice way to go.

    For voltages you mostly have to concern yourself with Vcore and VTT. Most people keep them fairly close together within 0.15V. This isn't a rule but just a suggestion. There is, however, 1 rule about voltage differences. Your VTT must be 0.5V or LESS below your RAM voltage. So if you have 1.65V RAM, your VTT must be 1.15V or higher.

    Anyway like T_T said, if you boot up and either it crashes, or it fails a stress test, you'll need to go back an increase voltage. I usually do two increments at a time, first vcore, then test, then vtt, then test, etc. By an increment I mean hitting the + button on my keyboard. Also 24hrs of Prime95 blend is a tad excessive. I usually run Intel Burn Test on High stress for 10 runs because it gets errors faster, and once I pass IBT for 10-15 runs, running Prime for a few hours is good. I used to do overnight (8hrs) but you don't really need to be that anal unless you're doing super critical work.

    So... yeah just a few thoughts. There's lots of info out there, lots of info on these forums in fact. Do a little searching and you will find all kinds of good stuff.
  3. My RAM is 2x2 Corsair XMS3 1333mhz

    After doing a bit of experimenting, Ive decided that the temps are rising too high too quickly for my liking (as a first time OC'er Im highly nervous!), so I think Im going to invest in a proper cooler.

    Have you any suggestions? (budget £30, needed for socket 1156 and 1155 as I will be upgrading in a few months)

    Thanks guys
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