Unlocking the 4th core in a AMD Athlon II X3 445


I'm trying how to figure out how to overclock my CPU to unlock the 4th core in my processor.

The following link shows my idle temps and max temps under Prime95

Mobo is a ASRock 760GM-GS3

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  1. You have to get into your BIOS, find Advanced Clock Calibration and then enable the 4th core from this setting. Overclocking your CPU, on the other hand, you would be adjusting the base clock (200 MHz @ stock) and/or the multiplier (15.5 @ stock). Note that after roughly 3.4 GHz, you'll probably be needing an aftermarket cooler and start adjusting vcore and the northbridge settings.

    Remember, the speed plus the voltage of the CPU will determine the resulting temperature, so for higher OC levels, an aftermarket cooler is a must.
  2. I thought you couldn't unlock cores with Athlons.
  3. Well I did something wrong. I had to clear the CMOS with the Jumper after I changed the settings
  4. This can't be unlocked. Did some research and I don't have the Deneb core
  5. No it's not deneb because deneb is the phenom quad cores.I think it's just the Phenom's that can be unlocked.Athlon's are locked all the way from O.C.ing to core unlocking.
  6. No, Athlons can be unlocked as well. This should clear up the confusion:

  7. OK. I'll try it again. Under Advanced Clock Calibration, My Options are Auto, All Cores, and Per Core. What do I need to select
  8. Look up in your motherboards manual about the core unlocking feature.IT should tell you how to use it.
  9. It says nothing. It just says I have the feature to unlock cores
  10. Well it's very difficult to give you advise because I don't know how ASRock mobo's work.I know that in a MSI mobo the unlock core feature is located in the Intellagent Tweaker settings(where you would go to O.C. the CPU and change voltages).It's basicly an on and off switch.You can turn it on and it will automactically try to unlock a core if it's possible.
  11. I think I found something.The Unlock core feature for ASRock is called "ASRock UCC".


    Follow the instructions and it should work,if it can work.
  12. I think that this CPU can't be overclocked at all. The UCC didn't do anything and when I go to normal overclocking it does nothing and I have to reset the CMOS
  13. Does your mobo have an automated OC feature?
  14. it does I do believe. I've played with it a little and it keeps not booting. It turns on and thats about it
  15. Maybe you need to reinstall the BIOS.Or update.
  16. Go back to the basics. Clear CMOS or reset defaults. Do not try to unlock the hidden core. Now, using the X3 as and X3, try your hand at overclocking.

    Step 1: Disable all power saving features (C1E, Cool n' Quiet, etc)
    Step 2: Manually configure your RAM to the specs on the sticker affixed to the side of the RAM
    Step 3: Raise your base clock by 5 MHz. Save and Exit. If Windows loads, go back into BIOS and raise the bclk by 5 MHz again. Repeat until Windows does not load.
    Step 4: Now that Windows will not load, drop the bclk by 1 MHz until you can get back into Windows
    Step 5: Download, install, and run Prime95. Run the Blend test for 3-4 hours, or as long as you can. Most of the pros on this forum run Prime95 for 24 hours before really declaring stability.

    If you can get through this, your CPU overclocks just fine. On the other hand, if your attempts to OC were with the 4th core enabled, then chances are the 4th core is just defective.

    Edit: revised the procedure for clarity.
  17. You forgot voltage.Or will he need voltage for that?
  18. Probably won't need to adjust voltage yet. Increasing the FSB up to the point of failure will likely get to ~215-220 MHz. At this point, the stock cooler can handle this, but it isn't a significant gain. I'm just trying to help determine if the CPU can be OC'ed or not. Besides, the OP still hasn't mentioned whether or not an aftermarket cooler is being used, so since I don't know that, I don't want to recommend raising the voltage yet.
  19. Oh I see.

    Well I found the exact instructions provided from ASRock themselves on how to use the core unlocker feature.If it doesn't work then maybe he has a defective mobo.Or like I said before maybe it just needs a new BIOS version.
  20. No Luck with the overclock. It seems like its not getting enough power but I doubt thats the case (got a 500w). And I have the latest BIOS version installed
  21. Did you try giving more voltage? Just a little like .25.
  22. I find this a little odd. Have you tried the steps I posted earlier, exactly? I ask because even with the bclk at 205 MHz, that's still an overclock. Is your CPU so unstable that even 205MHz fails?
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