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Gidday everyone I've got a question or two I need answering - so without further ado:
I'm building my first ever PC this week with the purpose of gaming in mind. Now, The stock Intel core I5 heatsink... should I stick with it? by the way money IS an issue and I live in New Zealand so please keep that in mind. For the record I have no intention of getting into this whole "overclocking" business as I don't see the point. Also, thermal paste, does it come with it? do I have to get some?
This is the one i'm getting:
BTW - I'll be using a Coolermaster 922 mid tower case in case that comes up in a question.
Thanks all,
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  1. The stock coolers that come with the 1156 chips are ridiculous. Even if I weren't overclocking, I would get an aftermarket one because Intel really sluffed on these stock coolers. Anyone else feel the same? The sink is ridiculously thin!

    Trust me, protect your investment in the CPU and get an aftermarket HSF to keep it cool. Most HSF come with compounds, but Arctic Silver seems to be the recommended brand for paste.
  2. Excuse my ignorance but "HSF"? also, what cooler do you suggest? and point taken on the arctic silver.
  3. Would you think this would be sufficient? it's decently priced and I watched a review on the tube and it said that the thermal pads on it are good, is this right?
    Also, more importantly, will it fit nicely in my Coolermaster 922 HAF mid tower case?
    I'll also be throwing a 5850/5870 graphics card in it and the motherboard i'm using is the ASUS P7P55D pro in case that information is needed.
    Thanks guys!
  4. :) Sorry... heatsink and fan. And I would recommend this one:
    This seems to be one of the popular ones and budget safe. Since you won't be OCing, this might work well enough for you.

    This one also just came out:

    I think I might buy this one, it's first revision for LGA775 was incredible! Look into it.
  5. Your case should have no problem fitting any of that. You picked a mighty fine case there!
  6. Haha great minds think alike! so you would suggest the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro rev.2 would u?
    Will i still have to buy thermal compound because apparently it comes with good "thermal pads" on it already.
    Thanks era :D
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