Bios says one thing... Coretemp another

My Bios temps are rather high, 60+C, however core temp says the cores, under load are around 55C.

I've been having problems with the computer turning itself off during game and prime 95 benchmark.

The computer used to throttle itself before I turned off throttling when it got around 52C (according to Coretemp)

Which one of these do I believe, it seems coretemp is off or perhaps my bios only cares about what it thinks the CPU temp is.

The processor is a Phenom II 925@3.4GHz.
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  1. Download and install HW Monitor and Speedfan. Compare your temps again.
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    Agree from T_T said, you must compare wiht other software like HWmonitor, sometime software can wrong read temp. I alway's trush cpu temp in hw monitor, if it isn't too far read idle temp with bios.
  3. The bios temps seem to corrospond with the "cputin" reading hw monitor however the temps of all the individual cores is much lower than the cputin value, usually around 8 degrees.

    There is an oc utility that comes with the board and it shows the cpu temp as the same thing as the cputin value in hwmonitor, also the computer throttles when CPUtin reads around 63C.
  4. if so reading software that's true, if equal to
    HWMonitor, I saw a high oc settings in the system. if
    the readings are 60-70 it will be safe you can believe
    it, would not you have been using it and safely till now ?
  5. I should also add I'm using the stock Phenom II x6 cooler... I would not think temps would be so far up there.
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