Which motherboard is better for Core™2 Duo processor

I went to know which motherboard is best for Core™2 Duo processor?
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  1. - GA-EP45-UD3P boasts dual PCI Express 2.0 VGA card slots for ATI CrossFireX™ support with ultra smooth 3D rendering and blazingly-fast frame rates

    - ASUS P5E3 PRO LGA 775 Intel X48 with DDR3
  2. you shouldnt be buying a core 2 duo processor period. its 5 years old tech with no upgrade path. If your looking for a cheap dual core that is overclockable and has good cheap motherboards, look at AMD Athon II or Phenom II. You can get a quad core AMD for the same price as a Core 2 Duo.
  3. He .. Just want to know lga 775
  4. Welcome to the forums, newcomer! the reason we all want you to go turn the pther cheek is cos the duo's are long of the past. Unless you can tell us that your proc was given to you as a gift (though highly possible its a dead gift), have spare DDR2 ram dimms, and the rest to go with the motherboard that best goes with a core 2 duo. You didn't mention the Proc series btw...?

    ah you know what?!+5 to iam2thechrowe - point, set and match. case closed.
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