Need Core i3 530 OC guide

Hi guys,

can anyone please provide with me a complete oc guide for core i3 530. I had started a thread before "Stability Issues" but didnt get the answer i was looking for.

My setup is

Corei3 530 2.93 with xigmatek dark knight aftermarket cooler

Asus P7P55-LX

Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600mhz (4gbx2) with Hyperx ram fan cooler

Corsair Gs800

Msi gtx 460 hawk talon

1x 320gb wd caviar black

1x 320gb maxtor

1x 640gb wd green

4x 120mm blue led fans

2x 140mm blue led fans

Vantec gpu cooler

I want to reach a stable 4.0ghz speed. Using specific settings, my pc crashes on load while running occt at 4.0ghz.
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    Hi, I have the exact same cpu and motherboard as you, my ram is only kingston value ram 1333 but O.C. to 1640 (6GB), I run mine at 4.3 ghz but it took some tweeking, when I was running it a 4ghz i just went into bios by pressing and holding delete, then go to the 2nd page(AI tweaker) then set all values as the following

    1600 > this was to overclock my ram



    Mine ran on prime 95 for 24 hours and never crashed on those settings, too get passed 4.2 i did have to start specifynig voltages but for only 4.0ghz the auto should do the trick, good luck let me know how it goes.

    This is a link to my current overclock which I am still testing, it does seem to be stable so 4.4 is the next target:
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  3. Hey FCF, thanks for the help, i did manage to run it at 4.0 by using the following settings

    x 20

    tweaked the voltages a bit

    ram 1.65v
    pll 1.80v
    cpu 1.356v

    Been running good so far. Will use your guide to test it out more. Once again thank you very much.
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