How far should I be able to overclock a gtx460 with liquid cooling?

Could anyone tell me how high I should be able to overclock a EVGA GeForce GTX460 1GB on liquid cooling? I don't have a lot to spend on my comp I want to build and I don't play an awful lot of games (and will be doing so less and less the older I get...i thnk). So as long as I can play current games on high settings (black ops, battlefield 2, fifa, mafia 2, dirt 2 and similar games (don't play crysis at all)).
And if I'm able to play most upcoming games on medium-high settings then I'll be happy. I was thinking I could play mw3 on high and battlefield 3 on medium type thing? But i'm not sure about that.

My loop will include a dual 120/140mm slim and a 200mm (phbya) radiator and cool an i5-2500k and of course the gtx460.

I know every card will have different overclocking abilities but any one know around about what oc I should be able to get and will I be able to play the games I mentioned?

EDIT: I don't plan on 3d gaming and it will be 1920x1080 resolution monitor
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    Why don't you start by going through reviews from this site?,2684.html
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