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I'm going to build my mom a computer for Chirstmas. I know this is early but I want to ask. I want to make the computer so that it'll record TV shows from a TV tunner card so she saves money so she is not wasting Tapes no more. I was thinking of either the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, E7500, or the Pentuim Dual-Core E6300.

It's going to be in a slim case like this one

have this Tunner card

This motherboard

and this GPU

I just can't figure out what CPU to get. I know I'm going to upgrade the PSU to this
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  1. Double-check the PSU: I have a similar Jetway case and it doesn't have the four-pin power cable that your motherboard needs. I think you can get an adapter from a Molex, but you probably don't get many in there.
  2. Big problem.... that mobo has only one slot for PCIe and no extra PCI clots. You might want this one instead:

    Its a better chipset and as well has a 16x PCIe 2.0, 1x PCIe 2.0 and PCI slot while still in the same form factor.

    For the CPU, a E7500 would be fine since the GPU you are getting will pick up some of the slack with UVD2. Also would pair up great with a $50 Blu-Ray drive.
  3. With the case/psu you want, you can't afford to get a 65 w cpu. Those cases are really meant for atoms, or other ULV (ultra-low-voltage) cpus.

    What you might want to get is this case ( with a micro-atx mobo and cpu

    AMD- Sempron combo- $97

    Intel- Celeron Dual Core- $105

    You could go with either of these builds, and you won't need a discrete card (onboard will be strong enough). The intel build has a little more cpu muscle, at the expense of slightly weaker graphics, but again, either of these should work for you. You could always upgrade the cpu in either of these, I just looked at the combos.

    Don't forget the RAM- 2GB- $36
  4. The reason for the case and motherboard is becuase I need it to fit in a tight spot under a TV. The CPU should not be a problem becuase I'm going to try to underclock it to 2GHz at 1.5v so heat is not an issue. That is where my E8400 is at with speedstep enabled on a C0 stepping one. I was originally going to go with the zotac Geforce 7100 which had the 630i chipset but they are no longer availible.
  5. If you want an itx board with integrated graphics capable of HD content, check out the zotac 9300 itx board:
  6. huron said:
    If you want an itx board with integrated graphics capable of HD content, check out the zotac 9300 itx board:

    Thing is there are no tunner cards that have PCIe x 16 and I want a case with 2 PCI slot like the Jetway one I have on OP.
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    There are a couple new CPU out you'll want to take a look at: E300 and E3300
    Just as an eye opener look at this E3300 review @ XBitLabs

    Would going with an external TV tuner help out with your HTPC space issues?
  8. The one you have in the OP is an intel single PCI. Your case is also single PCI. I'm not sure they make 2 PCI slot mini-ITX boards.
    Unfortunately, the PSU you planned on upgrading to won't work; its designed as a universal laptop charger, it won't plug into your mobo and replace your PSU, meaning you will be limited at 80 W. Your thought of underclocking might alleviate that a bit, but I think your going to need to get a single core, such as a 35 W celeron. At least they're cheaper.

    BTW, if you get a 9300 mobo, you won't need a discrete GPU.
  9. Never mind about the PCI slot thing; I looked at the pictures a little more and realized the dual PCI comes from the case, not the mobo, meaning you can get any mobo you want (as long as its ITX). Sorry about that.
  10. I'm sorry, I made another mistake; I though the 9300 board had a PCI. After realizing this, the only board that has a PCI and is reasonably priced is the intel board you chose in your OP. Based on the pricing of the other mobos, and the case that you want to use, this is probably your only option unless you want to go AMD.
  11. Devastator_uk said:

    I origainlly wanted a PCI-E tunner but the motherboard that is the 9300 dose not have a PCI-E and I also wanted a GPU as well to handle the encoding of the Video. So this leaves me with only a regular PCI option.

    If I was going to go for the E3300 I might as well get the E5200 or E5300 and get 1MB extra cache. Dose any one know if the extra cache is better for this type of work I'm going to have it do?
  12. The zotac 9300 does have a PCI-E, even if it isn't advertised well, and the onboard gpu would be fine for encoding; however, your case is designed for a standard PCI, so the 9300 wouldn't work in that. You could get another case but you're going to have to find one with a full expansion slot.
  13. blackpanther26 said:
    Dose any one know if the extra cache is better for this type of work I'm going to have it do?
    Just barely - not enough to notice.

    And you'd get some power savings along with the lower price.

    (other benchmarks here)

    Only Blu-Ray video would a reason to get the separate GPU on the DG41 G41 Mini ITX MB.
    The Zotac 9300 Mini ITX onboard GPU is beefy enough to power through even Blu-Ray encoding.
    Zotac 9300 Mini ITX review
    Even the DG45 G45 Mini ITX MB's onboard X4500HD video GPU would do well with HD content.
  14. Are you saying you already have the TV tuner card, motherboard and video card?
  15. nope. I have nothing yet. And I was talking about comparing the E3300 to the E7500 or somthing like that.
  16. blackpanther26 said:
    If I was going to go for the E3300 I might as well get the E5200 or E5300 and get 1MB extra cache.
    I would have sworn you're talking about the E5200.

    Any of those Wolfdale CPUs have wayyyyyyyy more CPU power than what's needed for HTPC use.
    I'd say E7400 for a gaming system and E3200 for a HTPC. Same for the discrete GPU; yes for gaming, no for HTPC.
  17. ok. That is all I need to know. I guse Cache dose not matter for recording TV. The E3200 is what I'll get.
  18. AMD Sempron 140 Sargas 2.7GHz Socket AM3 45w / Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G: $100

    Dammit. They raised the price $3.

    We need to know whether your mom will be recording OTA or cable.

    The Bad News is analog cable will soon be encrypted --- for OTA recording check out the Fusion HDTV7 Dual Express tuner.

    pepperman said:

    AMD- Sempron combo- $97

    Intel- Celeron Dual Core- $105

    The intel build has a little more cpu muscle ...

    :D Maybe ...

  19. The AverMedia tunner card would be a great addition to the build
  20. Please don't reply to 2 year old threads.
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