Need to replace motherboard

I need to replace the mainboard ( motherboard )....anybody out there know where I can purchase a
msi 655 max ( ms-6730 )
( G52-M6730X1-K01 version 1.0 )
Please help !!!!

Christine & Nicholas
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  1. You should edit your post to remove your personal data - these forums are public, and wide open. Just trying to be helpful here.

    if you cant find that exact one then get something with sis655 chipset for the best chance at being able to just drop it in and go

    that said p4 is oooold. why not take the oportunity to upgrade to something newer?
  3. If you have some time, submit a search to e-bay. Eventually one will turn up.

    You might try calling MSI; particularly if it might still be under warranyt.

    Do you really need the exact same motherboard?
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