Set my TV as main monitor, now trapped outside windows

I wanted to watch a movie using my new 32' TV so I went into Ntune and changed main windows screen to be my TV, and it asked me about resolution so I quickly clicked 1024x800. I had managed to use my TV as screen using "dual monitors" so my tv was on this dropdown menu, but I was silly enough to choose single main monitor, instead of dual view where you can always go back to the monitor if the TV doesnt display properly for some reason...

It's a homebuilt system with GF8800 gts, asus P5B deluxe, 2048 ram... I don't know if thats relevant here.

Of course my monitor goes asleep as soon as I click ok, and I go ahead and swap the vga cable from my monitor to my tv, but the tv says its out of synch, and remains black.

I can reboot and enter the bios with both my monitor and my tv, once windows starts, the monitor goes asleep and the TV says its out of synch, it probably cant handle the resolution that the card sends its way.

I have tried tinkering with the BIOS, I have tried to boot in safe mode and VGA mode, which initially worked on both screens, but didnt let me change resolution back or reset the windows "default" screen back. As of now, for some reason neither safe modes or vga mode can be displayed on my monitor or TV, windows does start without any problem as I can hear it with my speakers.

I have tried changing res. back down (blind) with "windows key+R, then desk.cpl, then (hold) shift + tab, then right arrow 4 times, tab, left arrow 4 times. I dont even know if I managed to change resolution back to 800x600 with this trick of sorts, as I can't see what I'm doing, what I can see is it hasn't worked so far.

I have changed the graphics card for another one, and the problem remains, once windows starts the monitor goes into sleep mode and the TV stops displaying the signal. I can't see windows so I dont know what to do anymore.
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  1. Can you remove all the vid drivers in Safe Mode? or using the OS's CD? Dunno what OS you are using. Once you do that, you *should* be able to get into Windows.
  2. Safe mode doesn't allow me to do any choosing, it just stats to load drivers on its merry way to windows, but stops somewhere and won't enter windows.

    Im using win XP. I'm not sure how to remove the vid drivers with the OS cd btw.
  3. No, I meant *remove* the drivers. Safe Mode, Control Panel, Add/Remove, take out all nVidia except mobo /raid drivers if present. Then boot normal Windows.

    With no drivers, Windows shouldn't know what your default monitor is, and should just output like BIOS does.
  4. that would be great. I need to be able to get into windows via safe mode now, but it doesnt let me.

    The cursor keeps blinking on the top left corner and doesnt enter windows.
  5. Sorry, I missed that you can't get into Safe Mode with video at this point.

    If you have the Windows XP Disk, pop it in, boot from it, and see if you can get video that way. As if you were doing a "repair" install. Make sure you have only one cable connected to your vid card, and connect that to the monitor.
  6. Just tried to do the repair booting with the XP disk, and it wont launch correctly. Just like safe mode gets stuck somewhere. Amazing.

    I just have 1 vga exit connecting the video card and the monitor.
  7. So, it doesn't go into windows (with a blank screen) any more?

    Methinks you've got more than a video problem. You wouldn't happen to have another psu laying around, would you?
  8. it enters windows in normal mode, just not in safe mode.

    It did enter safe mode earlier today, after around 10 times it said "no more" safe mode.

    I have another PSU but its not enough to feed the gts8800. I swapped my gts 8800 for my gf's gt 8400 and still the same problems.
  9. Put the old psu and vid card back in, and try to get to Safe mode.
  10. that would take dismounting this pc which is my gf's, do you reckon it's worth the work and the risk associated given Im not an expert at all?
  11. I have restarted my bios and still the problem persists wow...
  12. I have restarted my bios and still the problem persists wow...
  13. If you havn't tried, unplug the tv, and then start up your computer. It should come back on it's own, but might take a couple minutes so be patient.
  14. What I'd want to test (next) is what's going on with your psu, as it could explain the symptoms. And you happen to have a spare one you know works. But it requires (?) you also put in the lower power requirement vid card so as not to overload it.

    If your original configuration won't get you into Safe Mode (to delete those drivers and software), then you most likely have a disk problem. Yes, I know you think you have a vid problem, and you do, but *now* you can't get into Safe Mode.

    So yes, its a good idea - unless you like the way your system is performing now.
  15. Iv had a similiar problem, wrong resolution, monitor wouldnt accept it after reboot, so was unable to get into windows. Starts to load, but as soon as its about to get into windows the screen would go blank.

    Had this happen on 2 seperate computers,

    1st - had vga cable going from onboard card, no sep gfx card, no way around it other than to install windows again

    2nd - Happend just after installing a graphics card in a new machine, so unplugged cable from the onboard to the gfx card and got this problem. Fixed by selecting, in bios, primary display gfx card (agp/pcie).

    If you have onboard, then your in luck, in bios change to onboard graphics "primary display", if not then you may still have a chance. Do you have another PCIe slot? put your graphics card in there

    New graphics card/slot/change of graphics output source = new drivers/new settings and windows will auto load standard resolution/settings.

    Good luck, unfortunately, I never found a straight forward fix, so playing around with the hardware is your only option, other than reinstalling windows, backup your data first though (take out the HD, connect to another spare comp and copy files accross)
  16. hey i had that problem the other day ,and what i ended up doing ,after trying everything else is pluging my pc monitor back in and opening in safe mode going balk into ntune and changing my rez ,,thank god it worked ,hope it works for you
  17. I kept the tv plugged in through vga port and the turned off my computer and then turned it back on pressing f8 repeatedly then down arrow five times then enter and then just adjusted my resolution back to normal and my computer reset irself to my laptop monitor being main display again. Thiw was in Windows 7. Hope this helps. I got the answer from a guy at by the way.
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