How do you ftp larger than 10gbs to multiple comps or alternate method

I have 3 computers that need to be able to transfer media over the internet such as photoshop photos and the files are about 2 gb ea, with a total of around 40 photos in a folder. i'm looking for the easiest/best way to transfer these through either a ftp program (100$ a yr maximum) or some other means. please give me some ideas, links, or anything helpful. thanks!
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  1. Try FileZilla. When you drag-and-drop multiple files to or from an FTP server it will queue up the requests and transfer one file at a time. I haven't tried it with that volume of files but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  2. Yes, the easiest option is FTP. Also you can try to use peer-to-peer network software (e.g.torrents). And why can't you use sharing a folder?
  3. alright, so i saw that ftp sites charge a lot just for storage and also have monthly bandwidths; i read that you can create your own server through the filezilla quite easily but to transfer files to other computers not on the network you would have to open ports on each router. I'm wondering that if i make, say, computer A the host...then would computer B and C be able to drag and drop files from their computer for computer A to grab from the server as well, or can only computer A place files for only B and C to download?
  4. Do you really need to go over the public Internet for this, or are all these computers on your own home network?
  5. yeah, over public internet. I'm doing this for someone i know and they are paying me to do it. If it was my choice, i would just have an external hard drive that i exchange between people.
  6. OK - so to answer your question the FTP server is passive - it sits there and waits for client systems to make upload or download requests. So if Computer A is the server, then Computers B and C can (using FileZilla as a client) drag and drop files to or from it (assuming you've opened the necessary ports in your firewall/router). But Computer B can't drag things to Computer C or vice versa (at least not unless they have some other means of communication between them).

    Whether a client system (B or C in the above example) can upload or download can be controlled by security settings on the server. I'm not familiar with using FileZilla as a server but I expect it has options to allow/disallow uploads and/or downloads on specific folders.
  7. ok, so say i want to get around the fact that B cant drag thing to C...i would have to transfer it from B to A and then put it back up there with A for all to grab?
  8. You should be able to create username/password-based access controls on the FTP server to allow access only to those you specify.
  9. ohhhhhh. gotcha
  10. and thanks a bunch so far. i'm going to work on it soon and i will post any problems i may run into. but again, thanks!
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