HDMI vs DVI/VGA/S-video..whats your preference?

I was looking through graphics cards on new egg and there isnt much of a selection for HDMI capable cards. Seems like the best and most popular ones dont have HDMI.

The last card I had was VGA because my TV doesnt have a DVI plug.

So I was wondering if most people prefer using computer speaker systems instead of the TV speakers. (if you arent using a regular computer monitor of course)

Do you notice a big difference or benefits? If so what is your setup?
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  1. granted, but it also depends on the card you get. while most do, some don't. make sure it does first if you decide to opt for it.
  2. DVI and HDMI are actually the same specifications except that DVI doesn't include audio. Most cards with a Dual DVI come with one DVI to HDMI adapter so HDMI shouldn't be a large factor.
  3. Huh? Audio goes over some DVI... I just have yet to see a cable with the extra pins to support audio... my monitor has built in speakers, and the DVI cable that came with it doesn't have audio pins, so I've gotta go analog and attach the stupid green cable to another hole on my monitor... quite stupid if you ask me.

    I like computer monitors and speakers, since they're waaay cheaper than TV speakers. I think an equivalent to the $50 X-540's would set you back around $200 if they were made for TV's. Also, when you buy a TV, you're basically paying for a computer monitor with different interfaces and a built in TV tuner and speakers, so I just buy big 30" monitors :)
  4. One thing to remember about TV's VS monitors if that most TV's have a filtering system for Interlaced and lower resolution video. That difference is actually quite big when displaying many different sources.

    As said, just use the DVI-HDMI adapter. Not all video cards have audio or there own sound card, some (Nvidia) cards need you to run a cable from your sound card to video card to get audio. In a worst case, just use the audio cable and DVI-HDMI adapter.

    If VGA (D-sub) works fine for you, do not worry about it.
  5. What? Use an adapter to get audio from DVI?

    I thought that was the whole reason for HDMI is because it was the only one that carried audio & video compared to DVI, VGA etc.

    Is there a spec I should look for on cards that will tell me if it will run audio through DVI?
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    ATI includes an adapter that turns DVI to HDMI with audio. So, somewhere in there they send audio as well(into a DVI connector). Nvidia does the same, just they get sound from your systems sound card with a cable from the SPDIF(digital) out(this cable is internal).

    DVI connectors also carry analog video as well, just on pins not used by the digital system, Maybe they used extra unused pins for audio as its only 2 pins anyway.

    That said, unless the device has the ability to pic up this audio it will not be played. Once converted to HDMI(by way of a DVI-HDMI adapter) it should work on all devices.
  7. Nukemaster is right.

    Audio will travel on a DVI to HDMI cable. I have it working right now with the SPDIF on the motherboard to graphics card connection.

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