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Hello guys,
I am currently having trouble overclocking my AMD 965 BE because of high temperature. I am currently on stock right now at 3400ghz and I am running a stress test with AMD Overdrive. The core temp seems to be at around 63c. I think this is pretty high for a stock stress test. I have the CNPS7000 Zalman cooler. Does anyone know why my temp is so high? Remember, all the settings are at stock.
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  1. It depends on alot of variables, ambient room temperature, amount of fans in the case, how you applied the thermal paste, what components you have in your computer contributing the heat and the fact that your running a stress test. Stress tests are made to push it to the absolute limit of what it can handle which is great for testing stability but not great at determining the temps suitable for a computer because your never going to use 100% of the computer at any given point for an extended period.

    At 63c it might be normal for your case flow of air, maybe you only have 1 120mm exhaust fan. I have processors that hit 63c all day because they are in hot environments. If your worried about it try reseating your CPU cooler with new thermal paste, 9/10 times doing that will help your problem.
  2. Could be anything like max said. Check airflow and the thermal paste. You could also try lowering the voltage on the CPU. Auto voltage usually is a little high. I know nothing about that processor but that may be a normal temp for that type.
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