GTX 275 messing with my audio! Help!!!!

Apparently this was a problem with the gtx 260 as well.
My problem is that my new gtx 275 is interfering with my both my onboard audio and my sound card.
I disabled my onboard audio to see if I could get my old sound card to work but that isn't working either.
I think it has something to do with the video card wanting to run audio through the dvi to hdmi connection featured on these newer cards.
Trouble is that I haven't hooked up any s/pdif cable from the sound card to the video card so the video card shouldn't be trying to mess with the audio at all.

But it's still trying to. I know this is an old problem and that there is a solution to this somewhere but what is it?

And yes I'm running the latest nvidia driver. 190.38 I believe.
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  1. Anyone? I really need some help here! :(
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