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Hopefully I can get a good answer here. I have a 150GB WD velociraptor for the OS and ordered 2x750GB WD Caviar Blk I want to run in RAID0 for faster access storage of movies, music and pics. Is this possible and would it affect the movie playback if my media player is in on the OS HDD? Any problems to look for with this set up?
using MoBo XFX Nforce 680i LT
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  1. Yes, you can set up a RAID 0 for the storage of movies, music, and such. I don't think it will be much of a performance boost though and if one drive dies, it will take out all the data in the array with it.
  2. Playback will be the same for Raid0 drive vs a non raid0 disk. Raid0 would improve the editing/encoding of Video files.
  3. All my data will be backed up and off site so I don't worry too much bout losing things. Can you recomend a good site or link to walk me through the install? I haven't done it and am trying to learn to do more on the PC myself. I would say i have an average understanding of things so far.
  4. Also if i switch to blu-ray, will the playback still be ok from the HDDs?
  5. pulsewithin said:
    Also if i switch to blu-ray, will the playback still be ok from the HDDs?

    Optical drives should not effect your hard drives.

    Read your motherbaord manual to see how to setup your raid array. It will explain it better than I can and it's slightly different for each manufacturer's motherboards.
  6. K thanks guys. Should get HDs in today or tommorow and set it all up by the weekend. Will c how i do. Cross your fingers.
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    Playback for DVD files or Blue-ray files stored on HDD will not notice any diff between a single HDD, or a pair in Raid0 - As hawleyy22 indicated both play fine from a dvd/Blu-ray drive, which is SLOWER than a single HDD. As I indicated only benifit you would see is in editing/encoding the vido files.
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