Asrock X58 Extreme Vs Asrock X58 Deluxe Vs Foxconn FlamingBlade GTI

Hello community,
I would like to ask your opinion regarding those motherboards.
Feel free to focus more on the Asrock models for i believe i'm going to go for those.
Here's the background: i have previously opted to buy a p45 asus P5Q Deluxe, after a long debate in this forum with many members. However it appeared that it was out of stock so i decided to wait until the ETA kept postponing.
I was also advised to purchase a P55 system wich would provide up to 15% improvement over the Q9550 that i had along with an i7 920.
So here's what happened. i went to microcenter and got the i7 920 for 199.99, along with a megahalem, three 120MM kama fans and a 1TB WD Black. That coming from a person who only wanted to spend 350$ (ahem).
I am currently looking at newegg's X58 motherboards offerings below the 200$ line and after reading Tom's hardware's article for that particular need, i decided to opt for the 170$ Asrock X58 Extreme. However with a 15$ difference, which is frankly minor, is it better to go for the X58 Deluxe? Also not to forget the FlamingBlade GTI which is only for 155 but i'm still not sure y i added it to the title, simply because it was mentioned in tom's hardware article.

Here are the links for the 3 motherboards:
Deluxe :

Here are the Factors:
- I am going to overclock this time.
- I need the coolest board (temperature that is).
- and 15$ difference won't kill me.

- I am looking at those:

G.Skill PI 12800 CL7.
I know that without overclocking 1600 won't make a difference, but i am going to overclock this time. And i have been advised on multiple occasions to buy G.Skill for their high quality, plus the price is much lower then any Corsair offering + cool heatspreaders (as in sexy).
I have also checked if the megahalem with the fan won't block the ram and if i use the white slots instead of the blue slots, with the 25mm thick KAMA won't be a problem.
Here's a link that discusses this issue:

So final question:
is it worth paying those extra 15$ for a better PCI-E layout? and more fan headers?
I may be crossfiring two 4870 1G.
Thank you community.
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  1. just a fix: i was advised to purchase a p55 motherboard with an i7 860 not 920 (different sockets i know)
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