if i have an E-IDE hdd & an ATAPI hdd USB external case - "will it blend" :) ?
will i be able to conncet it?
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  1. Those 2 terms are pretty much interchangeable.
  2. you mean ATAPI=IDE=E-IDE?
  3. Pretty much the same yea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallel_ATA

    Slightly different standards, but same connector and any equipment made in the last 10 years will see all of them.

    "Current terminology

    The terms "integrated drive electronics" (IDE), "enhanced IDE" and "EIDE" have come to be used interchangeably with ATA (now Parallel ATA, or PATA).

    In addition there have been several generations of "EIDE" drives marketed, compliant with various versions of the ATA specification. An early "EIDE" drive might be compatible with ATA-2, while a later one with ATA-6.

    Nevertheless a request for an "IDE" or "EIDE" drive from a computer parts vendor will almost always yield a drive that will work with most Parallel ATA interfaces.

    Another common usage is to refer to the specification version by the fastest mode supported. For example, ATA-4 supported Ultra DMA modes 0 through 2, the latter providing a maximum transfer rate of 33 megabytes per second. ATA-4 drives are thus sometimes called "UDMA-33" drives, and sometimes "ATA-33" drives. Similarly, ATA-6 introduced a maximum transfer speed of 100 megabytes per second, and some drives complying to this version of the standard are marketed as "PATA/100" drives."
  4. ok thanks :)
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