Geforce 460 gtx se overclock

ok, iv been using evga precision to overclock my 460 gtx se and i was wondering how hot is to hot for graphics card? i got mine running round 70 celsius on 100% load is that ok?
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  1. 70c is fine no worries, your card can run safely in the low 80c range.
  2. well afther i did oc it it was strangely workin slower i put it back to what it was beforce and reset my pc anything that would cause that? i know i didnot oc it too much but is there such this as ocing it too much too fact?
  3. A bad or unstable overclock can result in worst performance than stock so that's also nothing to worry about. You just have to test and find the sweet spot. You most likely went a little to far with one or more of your settings and the card was unstable so it took a performance hit as a result.
  4. Ah, ok thank you very much. But can this hurt the graphics card? i don't think it was running too hot, never went above 70 Celsius.
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    It won't hurt it at that temperature, but can suffer from performance loss if it's unstable, not to mention the inevitable system crash.
  6. Ah, ok thanks for quick reply to my questions.
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