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I have been recently seeing my computer freeze up after few minutes of up and running. Few minutes after the freeze happens, I get a blue screen of death and see Primary Hard Disk Error on the boot-up. Consecutive starts usually end up on can't find boot media, select proper boot media and press any key (or something along that line). I tried switching to a different SATA port on the motherboard, but the same thing keeps happening. Randomly I will see that my computer boots up to windows 7 and then freeze most of the time. I have also seen Read disk error at boot-up but not recently (when this happened I tried running Manufacturers full hard drive diagnostics, but found nothing).

At this point I am not sure were my problem is but I am 99% confident that its a hardware issue, correct? Also, I don't have a spare SATA cable or hard drive to play around. Where should I start off with? Is this a cable, hard drive or motherboard issue? Or could this be something else (i.e. RAM)?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. This looks very much like a failing/failed hard drive. If you have a backup of your data, replace the hard drive. If you dont, replace the hard drive and get a SATA docking station and try to copy data to your new install.
  2. I have ordered a new hard drive, will see how it works out. Thanks for the quick response CompTIA_rep.
  3. Looks like I had a lose connection because my old hard drive is up and running for past week now.
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