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Im in the process of building a computer right now. The mother board im using is m4a785td-M evo Asus and its an AMD Phenom 2 chip. My question is the Memory I ordered is the G.Skill f3-10666cl9d-4gbeco. On the packaging it says it is designed specifically for the Socket LGA1156 intel CORE i5 and I7cpus... It said nothing about this from the site I ordered it from... Will this ram still work with my mother board and chip?
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  1. Dude,you are on the way i am too!
    i ordered 3 gigs of g.Skill at 1600mhz and i am waiting with my intel core 2 duo e4500 2ghz!
    Probably,if your processor is too old(like mine)it will just not be able to use a 100% of the advantages a ddr3 has!
    And also the mhz of your ram will fall down as well(i had ordered about half a year ago corsair value select 667mhz 2 x 2 gb ddr2 and at the cpuz at the memory it was using 333mhz from the available frequencies)
    i don't know though if this is a correct answer
  2. The only issue is you may have to set parameters manually in bios for the higher clock rate. Board will likely default to ddr3-1066 at 1.5v, the question is if bios only sees EPP (enhance performance profiles-amd language) vs Xtended? performance profiles.
  3. I hope so, If it is compatible it would work fine.
  4. Where can I find the correct timing and voltage I should set my memory at and would I do that through my bios screen at startup?
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