Overclocking my i5 2500k

So I got my Corsair H80 the other day, and its keeping my i5 pretty cool. Been running Prime95 at various frequencies/voltages. (voltages set in BIOS)

4.3 @ 1.36v - stable for 12 hours of Prime95 blend test, stayed under 60 degrees
4.6 @ 1.35v - instant BSOD when starting Prime95 blend test
4.6 @ 1.39v - stable for 12 hours of Prime95 blend test, one core hit 60 degrees
4.7 @ 1.37v - instant BSOD when starting Prime95

Disabled: C1E, C3/C6 states, CPU thermal monitor, overspread protection/spread spectrum. Turbo boost disabled.

Enabled: Internal PLL overvoltage, Intel virtualization tech

(I've been told to adjust the turbo boost power limit, but there's two different values that need to be set and I'm not sure what to put. Does it even matter if I have turbo boost disabled?)

Specs: i5 2500k, ASRock P67 Extreme4, 8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill Sniper 1600mhz, Corsair H80, HAF 922, GTX 460 1GB.

Additional info: my goal is 4.8GHz at a safe 24/7 voltage (1.39 or less, right?). My ASRock UEFI (GUI bios software) is version 1.60, there's updates that "update CPU code", not sure if that'll help. Also, even at 100% load my multiplier fluctuates....at 4.6GHz it'll move between 43x and 46x. Is this normal? If not how can I fix it
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  1. I have same Mobo and Chip I got the updated bios (1.80) it helped. I am usung Kuhler (20.. takes 1.360 Maxvcore to do 4.7Ghz under prime95. You are probably getting multiplier fluctuation because you still have speed step enabled.. essentially you have not got you volts set right to enable you to stay solid at your desired multiplier. The fix I suggest.

    1 get the new bios
    2 disable speed step
    3 try to run your 46x under prime... if you get through all is good.. if you do not then either up your vcore (if using Fixed volt Oc, or enable ur turbo boost and play with the voltage there if you are using sn offset method of OC) also check out both Leaps from Shadows (Offset OC) and 4Ryan6 (Fixed voltage Oc) posts.

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