Storage situation. Have some questions.

Alright. I boot from a 300GB Velociraptor. I also have an internall 500 GB WD for storage and external WD 1TB HD. My Velociraptor is almost full because of modern games. I probably should have installed them on the external or 500 GB. but I'm know of new to this and figured maybe they'd be better reading from a faster HD. My question is can I move my programs x86 folder into one of the other HD's or will it corrupt my games? Are there any other things I can do?
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  1. If you have any media files like music, movies, pics, or just general use files that don't necessarily belong to a program move them over to the 500gb. Don't rely on the external drive except for occasional use knowing how most end up. Drives in general are fairly cheap, I spend more on groceries than what a typical 1TB drive costs.
  2. My media files take up very little space compared to my game and program files. It won't free up much space.
  3. OK then go ahead and move some of your games, some games don't even need to be reinstalled however some are very picky. I got games on other drives that were installed years ago on old machines but was very lazy and just moved the folders from drive to drive :s
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