AMD 965BE overclock temps ?

Hello guys!
I finally fixed my heating problem and now I got my system overclocked to 3909Mhz. I am running AMD 965 BE with Asus M4a88TD mobo. Here are my overclock specs.
Multiplier x 18
Bus Speed: 217 mhz
Dram: 1667 mhz
HT Link: 2000mhz
CPU voltage: 1.4v
CPU/NB Voltage: 1.2
DRAM Voltage: 1.65v

I am currently idling at at 45c cpu core temp and 41c cpu temp. When i play starcraft2 the core temp goes up to 63c ish core temp and 58c cpu temp. Do you guys think this is too high for my CPU? I heard max amd cpu is suppose to be 62c but I'm not sure if thats cpu temp or core temp. Let me know if I should turn down the settings a little bit. The ambient temp in my room is about 22c
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    good OC
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  3. You need to address the heating issue OP...63c is gonna take your CPU down if you run at those temps for prolonged periods of time
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