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Okay, so my question is do I lose any performance on a SSD by mixing them together. To clarify what I mean this is what I would like to do. I would like to have my boot drive a corsair nova 32 gigabyte SSD, and I would like to have a SSD just for games on my computer was thinking something like I know a lot of people recommend the OCZ drives I just find to many complaints about them on the newegg reviews this also goes for there memory. I just want to ensure that by doing this I will still get the 285 m/b per second read and the 275 m/b per second write. This all going along with a 500 gigabyte WD drive. I'll list my current setup below.

22" Acer Widescreen
Intel Core 2 Duo e6750
4 gigabytes of Patriot Viper Memory
32 gb Corsair Nova SSD
XFX ATi Radeon HD 5770
MSI Neo-2 Diamond P45
CoolerMaster Sniper
Razer Naga
Logitech G15
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  1. Well there may be some gains having both but it won't be as great as you may think. Load times will be good but overall fps isn't going to be much better than it was before except for paging due to the boot drive. For games and applications that read data constantly from the drive will see the most gains vs games that load more of their content ie maps ext into ram or virtual memory. Most of the gains will come from the boot drive but personally scratch one of those SSDs out and either save the money or buy a second storage drive.
  2. Well and that's all I'm really after load times the read is all I'm after. I'm not going for increased FPS because I get quite enough with my current setup but I would like to have the read times faster there was a youtube video I watched and I believe it. . My question was just simply will the other ssd not function at the advertised speed because I'm using a slower ssd? And I don't want to go raid with a ssd mainly due to the fact that you lose Trim.
  3. My personal opinion is basically don't bother with the 30gb ssd and just make the most of the 64gb one due to over all better performance (sequential) instead. For load times you want a high sequential read and good random 4k read and write. A typical SSD will be worth every penny spent. I bought one last year just for my pagefile and for $68 it made all the difference. I didn't care about the sequential read or writes as it is not being used for any thing else but for you in order to get good load times just settle on one good mid range or better SSD then pair it with the mechanical drive. I wouldn't survive with a 64gb for my os and games much less 64gb of bandwidth when it comes to downloads :s
  4. Well that's exactly why I wanted to hold onto the 32 gb drive so that I could add the 60 mainly due to space so I could handle World of Warcraft and Windows 7. I think currently windows 7 for me gave me 10 gigabytes or so left on my corsair drive. And, my world of warcraft folder takes up 25 gigabytes. So I mean if 60 gigabytes is enough for both to run awesome was just thinking I could do more with a game drive ssd do you get what I'm saying?
  5. Yes it will serve some use for some apps better compared to the mechanical but with wow it won't leave much room for any thing else. I play wow my self and got both WTLK and Cata clients :s I multybox btw :D
  6. well that doesn't answer the question I know back in the day of ATA Drives if you had 2 drives different make and model and different speed they would run at the slower speed. What I want to avoid is having the patriot drive under perform because of the stupid corsair nova drive. That's awesome multi boxing is fun. I just plan on putting WoW and Starcraft 2 on the drive maybe Arkham City when it comes out :D
  7. There will be no negative impact as each drive is on a independent cable however the controller may lag a bit but not to ware you will notice. I got 6x drives in my workstation 4x on the board controller and 2 more on the pci raid controller. 5 mechanical drives and one ssd. The overall impact is small unless you watch thing like I do then you may notice things.

    Ran Bot 25n today and got a bunch of new items :)
  8. use the fastest one as the boot drive(Sandforce) and the slower for games/other data.

    Keep incompressible data writes down on the Sandforce and allow some logged off idle time due to slower garbage collection. Also be aware that Sandforce drives purposely settle into a throttled state for some additional lifespan saving benefits(called Durawrite) and Trim does NOT recover speeds like other controllers.

    Trim is about lifespan and stamina only with Sandforce. Not trying to talk you out of it as I really like my Vertex 2's(same controller), but just helping to make an informed desicion.

    Good Luck with it.
  9. I took a chance and bought the OCZ Vertez 2 90 gigabyte model I paid 167 I believe 184 with tax. unsure how it'll pan out but I'm pretty happy with it currently if only they were cheaper id buy another for raid :D
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