Board for core i5 ????

hi everybody !! :D
decided to buy a core i5 750 and a suitable motherboard(its a new build and need to decide on the rest of the components)...

narrowed down the options to gigabyte P55-UD4P and asus P7P55D..
Since they price diff is about $20 it doesn't matter much to me...

this is basically going to be a htpc which will double as a gaming rig to play at full hd resolutions...

so which one should i pick up ??

and hey forgot to mention... i'm going to buy later in december this year.. sometime during christmas... so if any new boards are expected i don't mind waiting..
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    asus p55 pro
  2. pro ?? the cost difference ??
  3. and why that over the board i've mentioned
  4. its $170
  5. the pro board has better crossfire and sli capabilities
  6. jus 170 ?? brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any future boards expected ? i'm buying some time in christmas
  7. the pro p55 has bout all you need
  8. the only future board would be a board with dual x16 pci slots since most lower scale boards have one x16 and one x4 and the current higher end boards like the pro has one x16 and one x8 pci slots
  9. fine thanks then...i'll check up some reviews then..
  10. i have this wonderful offer of an core i7 920 + DX58SO for $480 in a nearby retail shop...

    is it ok to go with this considering the fact that the bundled intel board is not a gr8 one compared to others in the x58 league ??

    or should i settle for the core i5 + asus pro ?? that is being offered at $400
  11. do you live near a microcentre?
  12. actually i live in india... currency difference is huge... so are the prices
  13. the asrock board is brilliant !! but i was worried about driver support... now and a few years later
  14. asrock is made by asus
  15. made be ??
  16. ok made by asus ?? asrock an off shoot of asus ?? really ??
  17. yeah really
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