Which PSU should i pick for fully overclocked 5870

E7400 intel core 2 duo processor
Asrock P45R2000
2x 2gb OCZ 800mhz
3x fans
A big CPU fan, does not look like a gaming CPU fan.

Is there any bottleneck on my system.

5870 need at least 41 amps on 12 volt rail, i not sure if it is single or multi like dual or triple.

How many amps do i need to provided, like 10?, 20?, 30?

Should i take any good cheap one over 40 pound like ones in Ebuyer (ezcool) or just corsair, 650w , 750w, 850w. 750w and 850w are too much, since they have 4x PCI plugs and unnecessary numbers of other plugs.

I not much satified with the smooth speed on Blu ray 1080p mkv video and crashing problem with overdrive, i have corsair 550w vx. which has 41 amps just right about the requirement.

It shouldn't have any problem with overdrive since i see some gamers tested their and reviews.
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    the first link is rated at 25*C which means its crap. the internal case temp is prolly around at least 30*C. Meaning its going to fail much sooner than a good PSU. Others are rated at 40-45*C. Get a good model, a corsair, cooler master, Seasonic, or other high grade brand thats 80+ certified.

    Suffice it to say you couldnt pay me to use those in my system for fear it would destroy all my components. To my knowledge newegg isnt available in the UK correct?
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