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I am upgrading my friends comp with some new memory. she has a dell dimension 8400. It currently is running a pair of 512mb sticks of ddr2 400. I purchased a two gig kit of ddr2 533. My question is this. would it be better to install just the 2gb at the faster speed or leave all four sticks for three gb at the slower speed??
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  1. Anyone???
  2. Look,this is my second post,but as far as i know,if you put sticks at different frequencies the motherboard will only recognize one of the frequencies and it will ignore the size of ram.
    Probably,if you put all the sticks,it will recognize just 1 gb of ram at 400mhz.
    I recommend you to put just the 2 gig stick
  3. i thought if you put different frequencies it defaults to the lower one.
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