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I'm trying to figure out what's going wrong with my hard drive(s). Hopefully, someone here can help. Here's the situation:

I run 2 hard drives: OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD for OS mostly and a WD Caviar Green 1TB for media and game storage.

About 3 days ago I was shutting down the computer to go to sleep and it got stuck on shutting down screen (Windows 7). After waiting 2-3 minutes (it wasn't even installing updates) I just held down the power button and went to bed. Next morning, trying to boot up, I got a disk read error, so I spent my Saturday morning re-installing Win 7 and all of the drivers, MS office, etc. When it was all done, hard drives seemed to work fine, so I just blamed it on my stupidity and went on with my life.

Last night, I again shut down the computer and it went to the shut down screen as normal, except it popped up with some error, which I didn't get to read as it shut down almost instantly after that. Booting up next time, I got disk read error again, so I made sure BIOS had my SSD selected as only bootable drive and this time it gave me BOOTMGR is missing. So, I used the Win 7 disk to repair installation. However, after it fixed Windows, the screen that says "Starting Windows" takes a good 10 minutes to get through.

When in windows, my SSD seems to function normally, but my WD is now RIDICULOUSLY slow. It takes up to a minute to open a folder and accessing a video file is impossible because it takes so long to load it that it just pops up with an error after a minute.
The strange thing is that it's still functional, just horribly slow. I am now trying to back up my music to an external HD, just in case this hard drive completely goes out, but the transfer rate is 360 Kb/s.

So, here's my question: what can possibly be wrong here and is there a way to fix it? Is there a reason both of my drives would give me trouble at the same time?

It's not a huge problem for me to just replace the hard drive if it's beyond fixing but I don't want to lose my music/movies/games in the process and with it being so slow, I don't see myself waiting for a week to back up the data.
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  1. I guess I may as well also mention that WD Caviar Green is about 5 months old and OCZ Vertex is at about 18 months.
  2. From your description I suspect the cause is bad sectors, a common problem. Save your data and replace the drive. The WD is most likely still under warranty. You can use hddscan to check the health of your drives http://hddscan.com/

    I recovered a similar 1TB drive for a client recently that had many bad sectors and it took a week. Data recovery sometimes requires a lot of patience.
  3. You need a second drive to recover your data and then rma the green edition. Green edition drives are known to have a lot of problems compared to others.
  4. I'm looking at replacements right now.

    Wouldn't bad sectors imply that some of the data is corrupted/inaccessible? So far, I haven't found anything that I cannot access, but it's functioning painfully slow. I'm starting to think that either something is wrong with the buffer (causing the bottleneck), though it's supposed to have 32Mb there.

    The biggest problem for me right now is backing up data as it is painfully slow, so I'm here hoping for some advice to squeeze enough life out of this dreadful device to back up all the data and get rid of it. I guess I could try to run scandisk to check for bad sectors, but it will take forever and I could use that time to back up data at current snail pace...
  5. Don't bother just move the data that you can. Samsung and Hitachi make decent drives. The Samsung Spinpoint f4 is good enough for the job.
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