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I wonder how well the zalman cnps8700nt will cope with a phenom ii 720BE. My computer is a cube case, but it has 3 case fans, air vents, and there is a pci fan which exhausts hot air out very efficiently. There is one 120mm fan and two 80 mm fans, one at the front and one on the side cooling the gpu. There is also air vents on the tops and sides, and at the back, a small one at the front as well. Do you rekon i could keep this processor bellow 30 degrees at idle? There is not much stuff blocking the way of the air circulation either in the case, all the wires are above the cpu. DOes anyone recommend a better low profile cpu cooler?
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  1. Here is a link to a very good web site with information about low profile cpu heatsinks:

    You can used the embedded search feature to find technical reviews of specific models.
  2. the cnps8700nt is not a bad cooler then, does quite well, and my case is also sufficiently cooled, i should easilly be ok with my processor, and overclocking no more than 400mhz with my phenom ii 720?
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