Memory confusion.

I'm a neophyte and new to Tom's Hardware,so please bear with me. My pc has an AMD Athlon II x240 dual core x64 bit processor. The memory is DDR2 dual core pc-2 5300 333mhz. 2 slots,2 gig each. My question: Is upgrading my ram worth the exspense? I do some gaming. I have a ATI Radeon HD 4650 with 1 gig ram also if that helps. Thanks.
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  1. 4GB RAM is enough for today's games and apps,if you want to upgrade,then upgrade your VGA instead,what's your budget and the resolution that you play at and also your PSU ?
  2. 4G is enough for most games today and the foreseeable future. I dont think a better GPU is going to help because that processor and memory system will become the limiter. You may be at the end of the road as far as upgrading that system.

    Dont get me wrong, you may get more frames with a better GPU but not as many as with a newer CPU.
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