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Hello everyone, in the last 8 months I purchased an the Nvidia 8800 Gt graphics card, and it was working flawlessly, then i decided to move my computer from one end of the room to the other now i did not drag across the room or anything like that, but when i hooked it all back up i would not get a display on my monitor, (it was hooked up via DVI) so out of desperation i tried hooking it up with an analog cable to my tv and i got a picture in Standard Definition, i don't know why i can get a picture on the tv via the analog cable but the not DVI ports, I personally think that my graphic card might of failed but i am asking for your guys help and input what do you guys think it could be?
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  1. Check your pins on the cable. Also, check your monitor etc, any connections which may have loosened
  2. If you have a picture, the card is probably still good. You may want to check in the actual plug in the card and on the plug going to the monitor and see if maybe any pins broke off by accident when you unhooked it.
  3. Alright i'll try that, thanks for your input. But i forgot one important detail that is that i also hear 2 beeps when i turn on my computer.
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