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I have been given an old (american spec.) sony vaio laptop model pcg 9L1L. It is very slow with only 512mb ram. Can the ram be upgraded? If so, by how much? Also does anybody know if it will take larger than a 40gb HDD? Many thanks in advance, Bluey.
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  1. There are two banks of memory. Maximum memory 1 GB.
    You can use DDR-266.
    You should have no problem with a larger disk.
    You really would be better off with a new laptop though.
  2. Run CPU-Z and check the memory configuration.
  3. Run CPU-Z? How? I have very little knowledge about computing in general. This laptop was given to me to try and learn about computing, hence I am told it would be cheaper to do small upgrades rather than purchase new. Obviously if I can improve then a new one would be considered. However it has taken me ages just to get on internet. Thanks for advice anyway.
  4. Download it from here and install it. Go to the memory and SPD tabs.
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