Water cooling newbie

So im new to all this water cooling stuff and im about to build a very nice gaming rig,

But i would like to water cool it in the future. i live in Australia and in summer its gets really hot.
I would like to get water cooling to ensure my part stay nice and healthy :D lol

What im asking is what would i need to get to water cool my cpu - gpu ( 2x gtx 580 in sli) and everything else i would need.

Could you reccomend parts/cost of individual parts or kits. please no Newegg links because they dont ship to Australia.

Here are my specs

Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7B3 Z68 MB
Intel Core i7 2600K LGA1155
8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz G.Skill 2X4Gb
2 x GeForce GTX580 1536Mb in sli
Antec Twelve Hundred FULL - which supports watercooling
Corsair 1000W HX-1000 ATX

Thanks in advanc :)
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  1. that is one loaded arse try youtubing watercooling 101 or watercooling basics

    watch a few tutorials and do a lil forum digging
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    Read Stickies below in my signature. This should help get you started with some concepts that are very basic but needed in order to help you understand what you need.
  3. Yeah sorry about that, just realized after posting this there was a sticky for water cooling for newbies.
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  5. Not a problem...give those a good reading, as well as all the links. If you come across questions and concerns after reading through it, open a thread and let's get started.
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