Quick question about mixing 667 with 1066.. DDR2

Hello. Im currently upgrading my processor to a Core 2 Quad Q8400 Yorkfield and my ram is 4x1gb DDR2667. My current processor is a 1st gen core 2 duo conroe 1.8ghz E6300..... so i should see a nice improvement in that area.

but as far as the ram goes.. do you think i would be okay keeping my 667 for awhile. or would you really advise me to spend the $ and upgrade to 1066 sooner rather than later.

And if i order 4gb of the 1066. i would have 2 slots open (if i get 2gb sticks). however. if i put the 667 in there next to the 1066. would that slow down the 1066? if so i would def not do it. but i had to ask. I am guessing the speeds would be lowered to match the 667 and i would not want that :).

thanks for any input.

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardwre forum.

    You can buy the 1066, but the performance increase could be not too big as you want. Now, if you buy the 1066 and install this with the 667, all the memory will run at 667, including your 1066 memory.
  2. Okay, ty. sounds like i will stick with my 667 then.
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