How to measure pc processor speed

I want to measure the overall speed of several different PCs, primarily processor speed but also disk access, memory speed, etc.
Is there a shareware program that is available that will run on a PC as an executable and provide performance metrics?
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  1. 3Dmark vantage, or 3Dmark shareware, but really good.
  2. pcwizard
    sisoftware sandra
    everest ultimate
  3. saint19 said:
    3Dmark vantage, or 3Dmark shareware, but really good.

    That's mostly gaming though. For more general usage, try PCmark.
  4. +1 for Sandra. It provides very detailed information. The free version doesn't have all the features turned on, but it's good enough in my opinion.
  5. +1 for PCmark. Gives a general idea of how a computer handles everyday things.
  6. ^Good game "Duke Nukem"
  7. Sandra's the best when it comes to sythetics, except, I'd rather use some CD ripping or video encoding as a benchmark.
  8. Or better, use them all, and make a stadistical.....jejejeje
  9. Actually, the Phoronix benchmark suite comes to mind now. It is, one of the easiest to use balanced benchmarks I've ever used. Just glad it's not a synthetic.
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