ASUS P6T WS Pro - SAS Controller Boot Time

Hi Guys,

Yesterday i installed 2x Hitachi 147GB 15000rpm SAS disks in RAID0 on the above mentioned board.

Though it takes forever to boot up the machine. Is this normal?

When the SAS controller is disabled, of course no controller post message is shown, and the bios passes all this. But now it takes up to 30 seconds for the controller to load the drives. "Resetting Controller 1"... blabla.

My Setup is btw:

Intel Core i7 Extreme 965
12GB OCZ Triple Channel DDR3 pc-16000
Quad-SLI - Geforce 295GTX (x2)
2x Hitachi SAS 15k Disks in RAID0.
1kW Antec PSU
Windows 7 - 64-bit Ultimate
LG BD-RE Multiblue

Thanks in advance ;)
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  1. Can you configure the controller not to try to detect all possible SCSI devices?
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