Windows vista32 wont recognize new SSD drive

Just installed Kingston 128GB SSD in Gateway GT5622 and used supplied Acronis software to clone old harddrive. I went into BIOS per instructions to set SSD to first boot priority. I see it shows HHD and "removable drive" as choices. Is the "removable drive" the SSD? If so, when I move it to the first boot position the computer still boots from the old drive. Should old drive be changed to "disabled" in this setting?

Also, when computer starts, I notice that it says "F2 for BIOS or F10 for boot menu". Is there also setting(s) in the boot menu that need to be modified?
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  1. I do NOT recommend clonning from a HDD -> a SSD. What I do recommend is that you disconnect the HDD data cable, connect the SSD and reinstall Operating system.

    Your "clone" may or may not have aligned the partitions properly, Would not have set up the registry for an SSD (Deactivated defrag, would not have enable Trim support and may or may not have the proper driver.

    You should set your HDD to AHCI in bios and let windows load the default AHCI driver and set boot priority to SSD. Once you have the SSD setup to your satisfaction then reconnect your old HDD. NOTE you can use F12 to select booting to SSD or HDD (this will not change boot priorty). Once you are happy you can backup all your data from the HDD and reformat (to get rid of "old" operating system.

    PS - I did a clone from old SSD -> new SSD - Had to reinstall because of driver issues (Old SSD used AHCI, needed to change to Intel iastor.
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