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I recently bought a new desktop on a budget having read on the display that the graphics card was a GeForce 8200 running at 1024MB, I believed this and didn't think to question it and proceeded to buy Empire Total War and ARMA II which are both so slow as to be almost unplayable.
When I tried to update my drivers Nvidia told me I had a GeForce 9200 and marked this at 256MB or less.
Obviously feeling pretty hacked off both with myself for not researching better and at the shop for misinforming me, can anyone suggest a cheapish card that might be able to run both of these games to a decent standard.
So far i've been taken by a BFG 9500 for £50 on Amazon, is this any good?
Help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Any 9600 is a much card for gaming than the 9500.
  2. the 8200 is not a card but rather an integrated chip that offers basic graphic options. It will even struggle with basic computing on a larger resolution LCD (i've suffered through it)

    the 9500GT is a basic entry gaming card and will run those games at low settings

    ARMA II needs a solid GPU

    as does Empire Total War

    some answered questions will help us out recommending a card for you
    your CPU
    your power supply
    the resolution of your monitor
  3. Ok, the CPU is an AMD Phenom 9100e quad core which i think runs at 1.8ghz, I have 4Gb DDR RAM. I don't know what the power supply would be and I run it through a 26" Samsung LCD TV insted of a monitor.
    Thanks for the answers!
  4. what about your power supply? or at least the make and model of your PC.
  5. It's an Acer desktop, no modifications.
  6. model number?
  7. Sorry, I was just about to edit that post. It's an Aspire x3200
  8. Yep, that's it.
  9. if it is, you have a slimline PC with a 220w PSU

    your graphic options are rather limited
  10. Oh ok, well that's not much good but cheers for the help.
  11. look for a low profile ATI 4550, the card itself draws just 20w. You would have to lower all the settings in the games you mentioned in order to play them but it will be better then the 8200 you currently have.

    two examples (make sure they come with the low profile bracket also)
  12. That's great, thank you very much for all of your help!
  13. OUCH this Acer thing only have a 220W PSU .... X3200

    Well you cant really go anywhere with this. The better card this can power is a 9500gt/9600gso but this PSU gona get hot and this is going to reduce its lifespan.

    PLUS you CPU is ... SLOW. NM if its a quad, 1.8ghz is slow. If you think of gaming with this youll need to upgrade few parts. ( PSU/CPU/GPU )

    have fun !
  14. How about the 4670 ?
    Is a nice card too without require extra power cable
  15. You should forget it. If you are to spend more than the computer in additionnal parts, maybe you should wait and buy yourself a whole PC at 500$ or 600$. (around £350... I think)
  16. Build it yourlself is the best way to have a decent computer with the parts you want/need
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